My name is

Stuart Evans

and I’m a

Designer and Developer

Your champion was here.
Design, UX, Development, Prototyping, Content Planning, Systems Design, Gaming
Champion of iterative team workflows and processes.
Currently @ theScore.
Previously Teehan+Lax, Disney.
I have full-stack developer abilities with a preference for prototyping, front-end development and design. The user experience is paramount and will always command my utmost attention.
Javascript / HTML / CSS / Git / Gulp / ES6 / Bower / Yeoman / Grunt / Python / Node / D3.js / Ember / GAE / Wordpress / PHP / Closure / Meteor / AS3 / SVN / ABC / 123
In my locker I do have awards such as FWA’s (7) and Cannes Lions (1) along with contributing as part of the team to a recent Agency of the Year (1) win...but awards don’t matter right? Right. What matters is making products which solve real jobs to be done, on time.
I love music and film and I’m an avid soccer player and motorcycle enthusiast. I live to create and to make an impact in everything I can be involved in. On top of all that I’m also a pretty good cook!
I started my career as a designer before becoming development focused...this design sensibility has helped me bridge working between team disciplines as well as offer avenues for creative solutions.

My Work History

Here you'll find a selection of projects I've worked on with a brief for each. I’m happy to further discuss my particular role(s).

A letter of recommendation is also available upon request.

Beatport News - visit site

PHP, Wordpress, SASS, Javascript, Brightcove Video API, AWS, Responsive

Created a custom wordpress admin with multiple content types and also implementing third-party video curation and storage. This admin needed to handle the creation of syndicated stories, multi-day EDM event coverage, new audio track and video releases along with long and short-form story writing pieces.

Fully responsive, scaling front-end using SASS.

Creation of systemized taxonomy for organizing the various content pieces into a logical and easy to grasp setup for editors to dive in and create.

Precision Nutrition: Prototyping

Ember.js, Ruby on Rails, SASS, Javascript, D3.js, Responsive

Conceptual work around creating a new student app for tracking growth and bringing the course material to the student.

Developed fully responsive prototypes for student facing app using Ember.js built upon a Ruby on Rails backend.

Graphs and charts for course progress and data visualizations were also prototyped.

Kandu: App Interface design and App Interface Prototyping - prototype video

Javascript, Kinetic.js, Unity, SASS, oAuth

Kandu is an iPad app which allows kids and adults to build games or interactive applications with no prior programming knowledge.

My work consisted of figuring out how to create a minimal interface which would allow the user to visually edit and create simple and complex objects on screen.

Each object created could also be programmed with behaviours which required a different interface. This UI needed to access all of the various events, behaviours and relationships an object could posess and resond to without taking over the entire screen.

The UI was prototyped using javascript which was then implemented in Unity by Kandu engineers. Some prototyping done directly in Unity.

More info about the App can be found at
Krush Website - overview

Node.js, Javascript, Hogan, Responsive, LESS, AWS

Developed the product sharing app Krush website for letting users post, view and update their content.

Asset upload system using drag and drop from desktop or browser tab along with direct file upload form elements.

Built with Node.js on AWS while also incorporating a user account system with oAuth integration.

Teehan+Lax: The Globe And Mail Story - visit site

Javascript, Responsive, PHP, LESS, D3.js

CML Healthcare - visit site

Wordpress, PHP, Javascript, Responsive, Video

The National Parks Project - visit site - FWA Winner - overview video

Gemini Nominated, SXSW Finalist

The National Parks Project was a film, music and digital documentary project which brought Canadian musicians and directors together for a unique film and score for 13 of Canada's national parks.

AirMiles: Multiple, Various

Javascript, Responsive, PHP, LESS

Hail The Villain - visit site - video - FWA winner
Cannes Lions Shortlist - ADCC Silver
Coke Zero Dance Hero Game - video - FWA winner
Cannes Lions Shortlist - DMA Gold - ADCC Merit - video
Fun Park Boss Game - video - FWA winner
Chevrolet Cruze Website - FWA winner
Mercedez Benz B-Class Website - video - FWA winner
Cinépop - visit site
The Movie Network - visit site
Just for Posterity

Here are a few of my old games which were created while I was employed at Kaboose. The games were original content for a group of websites whose target audience were either younger children aged 4-8 or the 'tween' demographic of kids aged 9-12. Kaboose was, along with all of its content and properties, later acquired by Disney.

I did the programming for these along with audio, UI, concept, tools...blah, blah, blah. Special mention to Bruce Simpson, Anthony Pilger and Shannon Mistry as their contributions made them possible.